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Project Highlights


Titanium Plant Retrofit – Henderson, Nevada

This project had similar requirements for chemical exposure, impact and abrasion resistivity concerns that its concrete floors would be constantly exposed to during titanium production.  As freshly produced titanium exits the production facility in just post-melted status, the concrete floor could also be occasionally subjected to extreme heat.  The constructability environment for HPC applied here would provide an additional challenge with the very high concrete temperatures that Nevada can expect, particularly during the summer months.  Ice replacing water would not be practical as the expected very low W/C would barely provide enough free water to efficiently mix this very cohesive concrete mixture and liquid nitrogen not deemed economical for smaller volume pours spread over a period of approximately half a year during this retrofit construction. Not only high heat, but also very low humidity would be a liability to successfull concrete production and execution.

The solution was provided by a hydration control admixture used at a low dosage of 1 to 4  oz/cwt (65-260 ml/100kg) of the total cementitious value.  This dosage was varied according to weather of the day and reports back from the project during pours about workability consistency; it allowed for normal setting characteristics of the HPC while not sacrificing workability at any time.


Titanium plant in Nevada undergoes retrofit with ultradurable high content silica fume concrete

Concrete Mix Design & Performance
Titanium Plant Retrofit, Las Vegas, NV  -2006


Mix Design Materials : lbs / yd3 kg / m3
Cement, Type V   700   415
Silica Fume ( 20 % addition )   140     83
# 67 stone 1680   996
manufactured Sand 1120   665
High Range Water Reducer 1.5- 2.0  gal / yd3 7.5 – 10  ltr / m3
Hydration Control Admixture 5 - 40 ozs / yd3 25 – 250  ml / m3
Water / Cementitious Ratio 0.35 0.35
56 day compressive strength ≥ 10,000 psi ≥ 70 MPa

Virginia Dare Bridge, Manns Harbor, NC

Titanium Plant Retrofit
Henderson, NV

Titanium plant in Nevada undergoes retrofit with ultradurable silica-fume concrete.