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Project Highlights


One World Trade Center - New York City, NY

Just recently completed (2014) after a near ten year design/construction phase, this new American landmark in the heart of New York City’s financial district may be a building of superlatives in many ways and it surely has those characteristics prominent in its cast-in-place concrete frame.  The highest NYC-specified compressive strength of f’c=14,000 psi to date includes concrete that uses a quaternary blend of cementing materials (binder), something that has been rarely employed to this point in history, especially in such volume and in such a high-profile edifice.  The binder efficiency is double the norm, yet this concrete utilizes a Portland cement content so traditionally low, it would not qualify in most of the country as sidewalk construction material. Keeping in line with the modern thinking about Sustainability, this high performance concrete can be proud of its very low carbon footprint for an extremely durable construction material; this high performance’s concrete life expectancy is calculated to exceed 150 years.

Virginia Dare Bridge, Manns Harbor, NC

Super Skyscraper

9 out of 10 super sky scrapers utilize
silica fume as an integral concrete design ingredient.